We are a creative studio with a foot in architecture and parametric design.

We love stunning visuals!


Thanks to the computational design we are able to create complex compositions. And 3D shapes transform them into basic physical geometric objects. We are playing with vectors, magnetic fields, symmetry, focus and attractors.

We explore the effect of light and shade, contrast, and repetitive patterns.

Our parametric  3D art walls are one of the results of experimenting. We developed a way to transform the geometry into simple blocks and then unfold the blocks into a flat grid. This grid can be printed or plotted on paper and easily folded back to a 3D shape/pattern.

Once the process is set up we decided to share the templates with everyone!


Bye-bye, boring wall hangings!

Everybody can create their 3D parametric art wall at home by themself. Folding and glueing paper is fun since elementary school. And as well we believe as soon as the person is involved in the creative process he will value the art piece even more.

All this idea about sharing data/files across the world is very appealing to us. We find it very interesting to take the digital design and turn it into a physical object. By sharing the file across the world, actually, everyone can materialize the virtual data. It is just another dimension opened by technology.

It is needless to say that shipping physical object is old-fashioned and not ecological.

But most of all, the actual act of birth of the 3D Art wall - folding and glueing is a repeatable process. It is calming and relaxing activity – almost like a meditation.

We just couldn't deprive you of that! :)