• Is this papercraft hard to make?

It is easy. Do not worry! It is simple paper folding and glueing. No hard complex origami. It is quite a simple handmade project. Paragami 3D wall art consists of many single blocks/pyramids. You will be assembling each block one by one. It is nothing to be scared of. It just might be time-consuming as some of the designs consist of hundreds of pieces…


  • What paper weight should I use?

Any kind of…it is better to make samples and try the different weights. Find out the best fit for you. It also depends if you are cutting it out with scissors, or if you use a machine.  We recommend using colour paper 120g - 240g. The lighter paper is easy to cut and fold, however, the tougher paper the stiffer the final geometric art.


  • What colour paper should I use?

All of them. Parametric design created visually attractive patterns, get the best out of it! Hard folds of the paper create an astonishing 3D effect when floodlighted. Explore the effect of light and shade, contrast, and repetitive patterns. Find a perfect colour range for your interior home decoration and experience true 3D wallpaper.


  • Which glue should I use?

We use regular paper stick glue, which you can get in any paper shop. However, hot glue guns have good results as well. it is fast hardening and quite firm. In any case, always keep your hand clean as it is very easy to make the paper dirty. We recommend using latex gloves.


  • How to cut it out?

You can print it (PDF) and cut it out manually with SCISSORS/SCALPEL.

    Or you can use the vector data (DXF) and cut it mechanically with a PLOTTER (Cameo Silhouette, Cricut)


      • What is included in the downloadable template?

      It is always good to know what you are purchasing. Please see this complete manual.

      The download consists of a vector PDF Template (arranged to A3 paper format by default) and multiple DXF file, which are compatible with most of the programs. It is possible to use DXF to set up the plotter (Silhouette Cameo, Cricut,…)


      • When do I get it?

      Paragami Templates are digital products and have instant downloads. You will be able to download the files immediately after the purchase.

      The download link will be ready on the page after the checkout procedure. You will also receive the download link to your email.


      • Why you do not allow refunds?

      We sell digital items. Digital items aren't eligible for returns or exchanges, because of the nature of these items. Once you download the file, you have it. While it's not possible to return and refund, when you reach out with a problem, we will do our best to resolve the issue and find a fit. Please contact us.


      • Can I resell the Wall Art?

      • If you will assemble the wall art based on our templates, YES, you can sell the final masterpiece - as an individual. We would be very grateful if you indicated us as authors. Paragami developed the design and you made it. It is a collab.
      • If you would like to be selling the final wall art as a business, please contact us and we will make a proper business deal and license with you.
      • Reselling or any other sharing of the core digital files and templates is strictly prohibited. Paragami Templates are intellectual property.


      • Are you open to collaboration?

      Of course! Definitely yes! Reach out with your ideas. We would love to set up win-win deals.


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